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We work internationally with government and industry to make travel safer, seamless and more secure.

We specialize in creating powerful capabilities in border and transportation security.  Our purpose is to solve problems and help make the world a safer place to travel.

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Strategies provide the roadmap to get you where you want to be. We work with you to examine risks, explore opportunities and design a strategy to realize your vision and ensure your readiness to succeed.



Inspiring others to embrace new ways of working can be challenging. We help you create new capabilities, drive change, and deliver efficiencies in people, process and technology.



Research is the foundation for strategy, policy, setting priorities and making sound investment decisions. We lead research so you know precisely how to make travel safer, seamless and more secure.



Understanding the regulatory landscape is not always straightforward. We help you construct persuasive arguments, engage policymakers and develop thought leadership to effect positive change.



Successful organizations continuously look at where improvements can be made. We bring a unique set of tools to ignite critical thinking, stimulate new ideas and improve your performance.


To recovery and beyond

To Recovery and Beyond!

As the travel and tourism industry recovers from the devastating effects of the COVID pandemic, it is encouraging to witness many airlines and airports reporting returns to ‘pre-pandemic levels’. To assure and sustain that recovery, we must not lose sight of our collective aspiration to improve passenger experiences, deliver the promise of seamless travel, and enhance security.

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EES Challenges

EES: Five Key Challenges

As with any critical system involving multiple stakeholders in multiple countries, the implementation of the European Entry/Exit System (EES) will not be without its challenges. In this article, we highlight the top five challenges governments will face as they ready their operations and implement new border control measures for all Third Country Nationals (TCNs).

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Securing Europe's borders

Transforming Europe’s Borders

As governments around the world strive to control the COVID-19 pandemic that has seen borders closed and international travel brought to a near-total standstill, the 27 Member States of the European Union (EU) face an additional challenge: implementing the European Entry/Exit System (EES). But it can also be an opportunity to bring to life the vision of seamless travel.

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