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We work internationally with governments and industry to develop strategies, drive transformation, build advocacy and enhance operational performance to create powerful capabilities in border and transportation security. 

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To succeed in security, respond to threats, and compete against ever-changing market conditions, you need a vision and strategy to bring your ambition to life.


Security issues continue to dominate headlines and political debate. The unique perspectives you bring help policymakers develop smarter policies and regulations.


To evolve to where you want to be demands change in people, processes, and technology to transform your operations and inspire transformation across the sector.


To stay at the leading edge and inspire confidence in your capabilities requires an examination of performance to identify where improvements can be made.

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Transforming Europe's Borders through EES

EU Member States need to act fast to implement the European Union's Entry/Exit System by February 2022. What challenges do they need to overcome?

The 5 key challenges of the EU's EES

There are 5 key challenges EU Member States need to overcome to successfully implement the EU's new Entry/Exit System, find out what they are.

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